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2012 -The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 role: Jane
2011 -The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 role: Jane
2010 -The 82nd Annual Academy Awards role: Coraline
2010 -The Runaways role: Cherie Currie
2010 -The Twiligh Saga:Eclipse role: Jane
2009 -Karolína a svět za tajnými dveřmi role: Coraline Jones
2009 -Coraline role: Coraline Jones
2009 -Push role: Cassie Holmes
2009 -The Twilight Saga:New Moon role: Jane Volturi
2008 -The Secret Life of Bees role: Lily Owens
2008 -Winqed Crestures  role: Anne Hagen
2007 -Cutlass role: Lacy
2007 -Hounddog role: Lewellen
2006 -Šarlotina pavučinka role: Fern
2005 -Dreamer:Inspired by a True Story role: Cale Crane
2005 -Hide and Seek role: Emily Callaway
2005 -Lilo and Stitch 2:Stitch Has a Glitch role: Lilo
2005 -Nine Lives role: Maria
2005 -Válka světů role: Rachel Ferrier
2004 -In the Realms of the Unreal role: Narrator / Vivian Girls
2004 -Man on Fire role: Pita
2003 -Kim Possible: ASitch in Time role: Preschool Kim
2003 -The Cat in tne Hat role: Sally
2003 -Uptown Girls role: Lorraine "Ray" Schleine
2002 -Beyond the Sky role: Allie Keys
2002 -Hansel and Gretel role: Katie
2002 -Sweet Home Alabama role: Young Melanie
2002 -Taken role: Allie Keys
2002 -Trapped role: Abigail Jennings
2001 -"The Ellen Show" role: Young Ellen
2001 -Father Xmas role: Clairee
2001 -I Am Sam role: Lucy Diamond Dawson
2001 -Justice Leaque role: Young Wonder Woman
2001 -Tomcats role: Little Girl in Park
2000 -"Strong Medicine" role: Edie's Girl
2000 -CSI:Kriminálka Las Vegas role: Brenda Collins
2000 -Malcolm in the Middle role: Emily
1999 -Griffinovi role: Little Girl
1997 -"The Practice" role: Alessa Engel
1997 -Ally McBeal  role: 5 Year Old Ally
1996 -Spin City role: Cindy
1994 -"ER" role: Delia Chadsey
1994 -Friends role: Mackenzie
1988 -Tonari no Totoro role: Satsuki (2005 Disney version)